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If you would like information on coordination of tours to all of the fantastic masonic buildings and memorials in the DC, Maryland, Virginia Area, check out these links.

DC area Masonic sites to see

  • DC grand lodge

  • DC PH Grand Lodge 

  • Scottish Rite language center -DC

  • House of the temple-1733 16th Street

  • Albert Pike statue -3rd and Indiana NW

  • Odd fellows building 

  • Georgetown building 

  • Singleton building 

  • Takoma Building

  • GW memorial -VA

  • Mount Vernon -VA

  • DC Almas Shrine

  • Capitol cornerstone -DC

  • CIA kryptos sculpture - Langley

  • DC Embassy of the country of origin of the visiting Brother

Popular Sites

House of the Temple

The House of the Temple is located at 1733 Sixteenth Street, NW, in the District of Columbia. Designed by famous architect John Russell Pope, this monumental building has served as the national headquarters of the Supreme Council since 1915. Its architecture is an adaptation of the famous Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.” 

George Washington Mesonic Memorial

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial is a memorial and museum, an active Masonic temple, a research library, a cultural space, a community and performing arts center, and an important regional landmark.

DC Almas Shrine

The Shrine of North America has been a part of the Washington Downtown area since 1886. Almas Temple is located at 1315 “K” Street, NW between the White House and the new Washington Convention Center. The building was originally erected in 1929, further up the block closer to 13th Street.

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