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Joining the craft

You must be a man 18 years of age or older.
This is a fraternity, and only men can become members. There are very many appendant bodies for women and girls to join which are a part of Masonry, however, to be a Mason you must be a male and at at least 18 years of age.

You must believe in the existence of a living god.
We welcome Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Hindus ect... you can not be an atheist.

You must be of good moral character.
Masonry makes good men better. We do not, however, make bad men good.

You must be vouched for by a member of the fraternity.
If you do not know a member of Albert Pike Lodge and subsequently have no member to vouch for you that is OK! Many of us would be happy to get to know over a specified amount of time and then vouch for you if you are worthy. Many of our members didn't know a Mason prior to contacting the Lodge and now are Brethren helping to build the next generation.

You must reside in the DMV.(DC , Maryland, Virginia area)
You must have been a citizen of the DMV area for no less than six months prior to petitioning to become a member.

You must submit an application and pay the necessary fees.
You must fill out a petition which you can download here. The petition must be accompanied by the petition fee and completed in your hand, not typed.

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